Бок Чой с кунжутом и имбирем

Как резать Бок Чой
* Стебли часто могут иметь грязь или песок в основании стебля, поэтому обязательно удалите их и тщательно промойте.
* Чтобы порезать Бок Чой, отрежьте зелень и держите их отдельно от белых, так как им нужно меньше времени для приготовления.

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Sesame Ginger Bok Choy

Today I cooked something new. I found recipe at the Internet and I love it!

How to Cut Bok Choy

  • The stalks can often have dirt or grit at the base of the stem so be sure to remove them and rinse it well.
  • To cut Bok Choy, cut the greens off and keep them separate from the whites part since they need less time to cook.
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Practical harm of meat globally and privately

People have been eating meat as food since the ice age. Anthropologists argue that it was then that a person refused a vegetable diet in favor of meat food. This “custom” has been conveyed by a significant part of humanity to the present day, someone has done it because of necessity (for example, Eskimos), living conditions or habits. But more often than not, the reason is a simple misunderstanding. Over the past fifty years, renowned health professionals, biochemists and nutritionists have found convincing evidence: to stay healthy, eating meat is not necessary, on the contrary, a diet that is acceptable to predators can harm a person.

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Vegetarianism and a raw food diet – a way to improve the body or a source of irreparable harm?

Everyone knows that vegetarianism as a way of eating excludes animal products from the diet. But most of us have a vague idea of ​​what a raw food diet is. Meanwhile, the answer is obvious. A raw food diet is a way of eating that excludes the consumption of all foods cooked at temperatures above 42 °. Nevertheless, in that case or in another case, the diet is built on the basis of the same principles, we will analyze …

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Blueberry and Raspberry Couscous

2 servings/ 0 h. 5 min. of preparation/ 0 h. 10 min. of cooking time/ 130 Kcal / 100 g



Couscous – 1 cup

Blueberries ground with sugar – 1 tbsp.

raspberry (fresh) – to taste

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Oatmeal dessert with nuts and prunes

 4 servings/  10 minutes of cooking

335 kcal/ Proteins 8.9 g./ Fats 14.3 g./ Carbs 47.3 g.  


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Berry cake jelly “Raspberry-pomegranate with poppy seeds”

Ingredients for the cake (weight about 1400 grams):

– 500 grams of thawed raspberries

– 2 grenades

– 6 tbsp. poppy

– 4 tbsp. honey

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Raspberry dessert with millet

2 portions/ 0 h. 35 min.cooking time/ 164 Kcal / 100 g


Millet – 100 g

Milk – 200 ml

Lemon – 1 pc.

Vanillin – 1 tsp.

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