Practical harm of meat globally and privately

People have been eating meat as food since the ice age. Anthropologists argue that it was then that a person refused a vegetable diet in favor of meat food. This “custom” has been conveyed by a significant part of humanity to the present day, someone has done it because of necessity (for example, Eskimos), living conditions or habits. But more often than not, the reason is a simple misunderstanding. Over the past fifty years, renowned health professionals, biochemists and nutritionists have found convincing evidence: to stay healthy, eating meat is not necessary, on the contrary, a diet that is acceptable to predators can harm a person.

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Vegetarianism and a raw food diet – a way to improve the body or a source of irreparable harm?

Everyone knows that vegetarianism as a way of eating excludes animal products from the diet. But most of us have a vague idea of ​​what a raw food diet is. Meanwhile, the answer is obvious. A raw food diet is a way of eating that excludes the consumption of all foods cooked at temperatures above 42 °. Nevertheless, in that case or in another case, the diet is built on the basis of the same principles, we will analyze …

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Blueberry and Raspberry Couscous

2 servings/ 0 h. 5 min. of preparation/ 0 h. 10 min. of cooking time/ 130 Kcal / 100 g



Couscous – 1 cup

Blueberries ground with sugar – 1 tbsp.

raspberry (fresh) – to taste

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Oatmeal dessert with nuts and prunes

 4 servings/  10 minutes of cooking

335 kcal/ Proteins 8.9 g./ Fats 14.3 g./ Carbs 47.3 g.  



Prunes 80g

Walnuts 65g

Oatmeal 2 glasses

Honey to taste

Water 2 tablespoons

1. Finely chop the prunes, crush the nuts in a mortar, fry the oatmeal in a dry frying pan for 5 minutes.

2. Mix oatmeal, nuts, prunes and add a little boiled hot water, pour water gradually, 1 tablespoon. The mixture should be wet, thick and sticky, but not wet. Add honey and mix well.

3. In a pan, greased with olive oil, put the oatmeal mixture, smooth and lightly tamp. In this case, nothing should fall apart and spread, the mixture should be sticky and dense. If it is spreading, then you need to add more oatmeal.

4. Put the pan on the smallest gas, the best on the divider. Close the lid and hold on each side for about 7-10 minutes. The tamed mass should be reddened and glued even more, but not burnt.

5. To browne on the other hand, it is necessary to put a plate on the pan, turn the pan over, the pressed mass will be on the plate with the browned side up. Now just gently shake the oatmeal-nut mass back into the pan. Thus, the second side is browned.

6. Cool the prepared mass in a frying pan and cut into small squares.


Cooking method in the oven: grease a baking sheet and put it in the oven. The heat in the oven should not be strong, bake for about 20-25 minutes. Flakes can be mixed with bran. I had oatmeal with wheat bran. Instead of or with prunes, you can add any other dried fruit. You can also change the nuts, adding to the mixture several species, or add seeds to the nuts, sesame, poppy.

Berry cake jelly “Raspberry-pomegranate with poppy seeds”

Ingredients for the cake (weight about 1400 grams):

– 500 grams of thawed raspberries

– 2 grenades

– 6 tbsp. poppy

– 4 tbsp. honey

– 2 tbsp. agar-agar

– a little pomegranate and raspberry for decoration

– silicone cake mold


1. Soak the poppy for 2-3 hours, then rinse and grind into mush

2. In a blender, whisk the berries of raspberry (or any other berries), adding to it honey, the juice of one pomegranate

3. Put the raspberries on the stove for minimum heat and heat the smoothie to 45 degrees.

4. In the meantime, bring the agar-agar and 1 cup of boiling water to a boil, leave to heat slowly

5. Separate half the mass from the berry smoothie and mix it with poppy seeds. It is important not to allow the mass to cool below 45 degrees (if necessary, further heat it!), Otherwise the agar may not dissolve in it and the jelly will not harden.

6. In a raspberry smoothie add half the mass with agar. Stir very quickly and thoroughly, leaving no agar clots and pour into the mold. I put the form in the fridge for fast setting, about 5 minutes is enough.

7. Spread on the frozen layer a few berries of pomegranate and raspberry.

8. Pour the already prepared mass with poppy seeds and the remaining half of the agar on top of the raspberry layer.

9. Decorate with grenades and raspberries and send them in the fridge for 30-60 minutes until they solidify completely.

10. After that we take the cake out of the mold and place it on a flat dish.

Raspberry dessert with millet

2 portions/ 0 h. 35 time/ 164 Kcal / 100 g


Millet – 100 g

Milk – 200 ml

Lemon – 1 pc.

Vanillin – 1 tsp.

Brown sugar – 50 g

Almond – 20 g

Raisin – 20 g

Starch – 6 g

Apple – 1 pc.

Raspberry – 150 g

Honey – 1 tbsp

Butter for greasing forms


1.Rinse the millet thoroughly with water. Pour milk in the ratio of 1 part of millet to 2 parts of milk. Using a vegetable peeler, remove the lemon zest in large pieces. Add sugar, lemon zest and vanillin to the pan. Cooking time – 30 minutes after boiling.

2.Raspberries to sort and add honey. Grate the apple on a grater, squeeze the juice. In a small amount of juice, dilute the starch and combine with raspberries and honey, bring the mass to a boil in a small saucepan. When raspberries lose their shape, remove from heat.

3.Almond crumble with a knife. When the porridge is cooked, remove the lemon zest from it. Add vanilla, raisins and almonds. Mix well.

4.Smear the molds with butter, fill with millet porridge and bake in the oven, preheated to 180 ° C, for 5 minutes.

5.When serving, pour the dessert raspberry sauce.

Lentil Cutlets – 6 Simple Recipes

Lentil cutlets are an ideal dish for those who are fasting or diets. Recipes of lentil chops were popular in the 90s, when there was a shortage of products, including meat, on the shelves.

Bean dishes are tasty and healthy. Lentils are rich in proteins and are a substitute for animal squirrel.

Lentil cutlets with mushrooms

Fragrant burgers made from lentils with mushrooms can be served not only for everyday dinner, but also on the festive table. Preparing the dish for 1.5 hours.


two cloves of garlic;

300 gr. white mushrooms;

stack lentils;

large onions;


paneers. crackers.


Boil and mash lentils. Peel and chop the mushrooms with onions.

Fry the vegetables and chop in a blender.

Combine ingredients, add spices.

Make the patties, crumbling each in breadcrumbs, fry.

Cutlets are made from red lentils, if necessary, you can take brown.

Lentil Cutlets with Couscous

These are spicy and tasty lentil patties in combination with wheat couscous.

The time required for cooking – just over an hour.

Delicious lentil burgers


a glass of couscous;

4 cloves of garlic;

a glass of red lentils;

one bow;

tomato juice – 100 g;



Boil lentils for 15 minutes, add dry couscous to it. Leave on for 15 minutes, closing the lid.

Fry the finely chopped onion, pour 100 ml. tomato juice, add spices.

Hold for 2 minutes on the fire, add the chopped parsley and stir.

Add zazharku to lentils with couscous, mix.

Make cutlets and fry without oil on both sides.

Lentil cutlets in the oven with oatmeal

Vegetarian lentil cutlets are not only fried, but also baked. Cooking time – 1 hour.

Lentil cutlets in the oven


stack lentils;

soy sauce – 1 tbsp.;

stack raw oatmeal;

water – 2 stacks;

bread crumbs;


onion rug.


Boil lentils, chop the onion and grate the carrot through the grater.

Heat up to 180 degrees oven. Crush the flakes into flour and add to the ready ingredients, mix well, put spices and sauce.

Put the patties on the parchment, bake for 20 minutes.

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Sprouted lentil cutlets

Germinated legumes restore the body’s defenses. Germinated lentils are beneficial, contain vitamin C and increase hemoglobin. Such lentils can be used for cooking meatballs.

Sprouted lentil cutlets


400 gr. green lentils;

three spoons of mustard oils;


1 red sweet pepper;

3 tbsp.of flax flour;



Soak the washed lentils for a day in water and leave to sprout.

On a fine grater, chop the carrot, finely chop the pepper.

Sprouted lentils pour in a bowl, add carrots, spices, flax flour and mustard oil. Stir very well and chop with a blender.

Make minced meatballs and fry in mustard oil, two minutes on each side.

Lentil patties with Chinese cabbage

Simple lentil cutlets prepare 40 minutes. To the beans added pumpkin and Chinese cabbage.

Lentil Cutlets


5 cloves of garlic;

pumpkin – 200 gr;

lentil – two stacks .;

2 onions;

cabbage – 400 gr;

2 carrots;

half stack flour;



Cook lentils in salted water, peel vegetables and chop in a blender.

Add flour and spices to vegetables.

Drain the finished lentils and turn them into puree, add vegetables, and mix the mince with your hands.

Cutlet cutlets in semolina and fry.

Lentil Cutlets 2


400 g tomatoes

1 onion

100 g red lentils

2 tbsp. raisins

1 tsp. curry powder

6 sprigs of parsley

1 lemon juice

1 tbsp. flour

1 tbsp. vegetable oil

salt pepper

Wash tomatoes with boiling water, peel, chop pulp. Peel and chop the onion. Rinse lentils. Put vegetables and lentils in a saucepan, pour 3 tbsp. l water and cook under the lid, stirring, 20 min.

Add raisins, curry, chopped parsley, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Cook for another 10 min. Allow to cool.

From the resulting mass molded 4 flat cutlets and roll them in flour. Heat the butter in a frying pan, put the cutlets and fry for 5 minutes. from each side. Can be served hot or cold.