The strong will find – an opportunity. The weak will find the reason

The global financial crisis is taking more and more time and effort. In order to adapt to stricter regulations, many have to be more zealous than ever, no matter how children remain hungry. … Although the crisis still lurks for the most part in the heads of average people, still not a small part of athletes stop attending halls.

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Гормоны – это специальные химические вещества, которые регулируют работу организма. Гормоны отвечают за сотни функций организма, среди которых:

  • Борьба с различными заболеваниями. Нарушение работы гормональной системы приводит к возникновению сотен различных заболеваний, которые невозможно устранить без вмешательства в секрецию гормонов.
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Fitness celebrities

Fitness celebrities are people who have become famous for their productive workouts in the gym.

The achievements of these people are benchmarks for fitness lovers around the world. At the bottom of the page you will find a photo selection of celebrities who are worth following!

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Лучший комплекс из 5-ти упражнений для плеч с гантелями для женщин — как накачать дельты девушке?

Девушки часто не уделяют внимания верхней части мышц, боясь, что плечи станут огромными, а силуэт фигуры V — образным. На самом деле это не так. Чтобы добиться аналогичных изменений, нужно работать долго и упорно с большими весами.
А вот для того, чтобы дельты стали округлыми, а мышцы приобрели рельеф, необходимы специальные упражнения на плечи с использованием небольших гантелей, которые отлично подойдут для женщин и девушек. Если Вы мечтаете о красивых плечах – усилия должны быть направлены, в первую очередь на нагрузку дельтовидных мышц. Данные мышцы прорабатываются во время различных вариантов жимов гантелей под разными углами.

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The best set of 5 exercises for shoulders with dumbbells for women – how to pump up the deltas for a girl?

Girls often do not pay attention to the upper muscles, fearing that the shoulders will become huge, and the silhouette of the figure V – shaped. This is actually not the case. To achieve similar changes, you need to work long and hard with large weights.
But in order for the deltas to become rounded, and the muscles to get a relief, special exercises on the shoulders with the use of small dumbbells are needed, which are perfect for women and girls. If you dream of beautiful shoulders – efforts should be directed, first of all, to the load of the deltoid muscles. These muscles are worked out during various dumbbell bench presses at different angles.

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6 тезисов о том, можно ли заниматься на велотренажере при варикозе и как это правильно делать

Тренировки на начальной стадии заболевания однозначно принесут пользу и станут профилактикой дальнейшнего прогрессирования.
Но как быть тем, у кого довольно сильно выражена склонность к расширению вен и замедлению кровотока? Нелишним будет прислушаться к советам докторов и инструкторов по спортивной медицине.

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Banana after workout? Better a few!

Banana after workout? Better a few! Intense physical activity requires a lot of strength and energy and this is not a secret for those who regularly work out in the gym. Everything that the body loses during such training must be replenished. In this case, a banana can help out after a workout, or rather a few.

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The effect of alcohol on muscles

Each athlete must remember that alcohol in any form and in any quantities on the strength indicators and muscle growth always acts negatively. A single alcohol consumption, even about the degree of slight intoxication, is equivalent in effect to missing your 1st workout in your muscles. Severe alcohol intoxication corresponds to missing one to two weeks of training.

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How music affects training

For the first time, the role of music during training was thought back to 1911. Then the American scientist Leonard Aires found out that cyclists rode faster when music was playing, and slower in complete silence. Today, with headphones in the gym, you will definitely not surprise anyone, and in music services you can find separate playlists for each sport for every taste. We understand how favorite tracks affect the brain, does music really increase the effectiveness of training and what genres are most often chosen for different types of loads.

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Outdoor fitness

Hello,everyone! Today I am in Haltom City, Texas. It is sad weather and pretty cold here. I hope you having a nice mood and ready for challenges!

Outdoor fitness is becoming more and more popular every year for men and women who seek to improve their appearance and health.

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