My child eats sweets only. What to do?

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Parents are often anxious when it comes to children’s diets. At the same time, some of them try to feed the child at any cost, offer more and more attractive food and, as a result, almost completely replace natural products with sweet and fast food. The other part strives to make the child’s nutrition as healthy as possible, so they establish strict controls and completely forbid children to eat sweets. But strict prohibitions and the division of food into “good” and “bad” work only as long as the adult has complete control over the child’s nutrition.

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Диетическое пирожное «Картошка»

Калорийность на 100 г:Ккал Белки Жиры Углеводы 137 7 5 14

Для коржа:
2 яйца;
5-6 столовых ложек молока;
2 столовые ложки какао;
5 столовых ложек полезной муки (рисовой, пшеничной цельнозерновой, овсяной или любой иной);
Щепотка ванилина;
1 чайная ложка разрыхлителя;
3 столовые ложки тростникового сахара или иной подсластитель по вкусу.

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5 вещей, которые произойдут с вами после отказа от сахара

Всё это удалось ощутить на личном опыте. Попробуйте и вы.

Прежде всего необходимо внести некоторую ясность в то, что я подразумеваю под словами «исключение сахара из рациона». Разумеется, отказаться полностью от всего сладкого невозможно: сахар входит в состав такого количества продуктов, что понадобилось бы придумывать специальную диету, которая, как я подозреваю, была бы не слишком полезна для здоровья.

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5 things that will happen to you after giving up sugar

I managed to feel all this from personal experience. Try it and you.

First of all, it is necessary to bring some clarity to what I mean by the words “elimination of sugar from the diet.” Of course, it is impossible to completely abandon all sweets: sugar is part of so many products that it would be necessary to come up with a special diet, which, I suspect, would not be very healthy.

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Diet muffins: 7 divinely delicious recipes

Calorie muffins ordinary is about 370 calories per 100 grams. Of course, in the diet recipes due to the use of the right ingredients and natural sweeteners calorie muffins significantly reduced.

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Craving for sweets. How to reduce the consumption of sugar and what to replace?

On the table is a bar of chocolate. A person is not hungry, but imagining how chocolate melts in his mouth, he feels his mouth fill with saliva – there is a craving for sweets and now his hand reaches for the dark brown tile. How does this indescribable craving for sweets arise? There are several reasons. First, a person can not do anything about it, because the preference for sweet is natural – even newly born babies respond to a sweet liquid with a smile.

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