Vegetable jam, part 2

Squash Jam


Squash- 1 kg

Sugar – 1 kg or other sweetener

Lemon – 1 pc

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Stevia. Natural sugar substitute.

Now, when people are concerned about proper nutrition, many are wondering how to reduce the amount of sugar consumed daily. What can replace sugar in tea or coffee, lemonade or fruit drink? And in baking? And in other dishes? It is good if this interest has a purely theoretical value, but it happens that a person comes to life when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, that is, diabetes developed from excessive consumption of carbohydrates. Such diabetes can be adjusted not only with drugs, but also with diet. Usually, in such cases, sugar is replaced by sugar substitutes, but as it turns out, they have side effects and they are not very good for health. So what to do?

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