Chicken jerky

We need:
1 kg. chicken breast fillet
100 ml. soy sauce
1 tbsp. vegetable oil
1/2 lemon (lime)
1 tbsp paprika
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 tsp sugar
1 tsp without a hill of salt

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Chips in the microwave

Many people love potato chips, but everyone knows how store-bought chips are not useful and even harmful. I suggest making potato chips at home in the microwave. With a minimum investment of time and products, an excellent result is obtained, and using various spices, you can prepare potato chips for every taste.

To cook homemade chips in the microwave, you will need:
potatoes – 1-2 pcs.;
olive oil;
sea ​​salt;
paprika (or other spices or herbs).

Cooking steps:
Cut the potatoes as thin as possible (with a vegetable peeler or a food processor).
Cover a microwave plate with baking paper, grease with olive oil.
Put the potatoes on the paper in one layer.
Sprinkle with salt (preferably sea coarse) and your favorite spices. I did it today with regular paprika.
Microwave the homemade potato chips at full power, first for 3 minutes, then gradually increase as they cook. It took me a total of 8 minutes.
Delicious, crispy potato chips are ready.

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Паста с овощами и курицей

Макароны из цельной пшеницы
1 куриная грудка
Зеленый перец
Оливковое масло, томатная паста
Поваренная соль
Черный перец

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Котлеты из индейки

<img data-attachment-id=


Фарш индейки – 500 г
Безглютеновые панировочные сухари-2 ст. Л.
Морковь – 1 шт.
Лук – 1 среда
Яйцо – 1 шт.

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