5 energy bar recipes

Energy bars – a convenient, ready-to-eat source of carbohydrates. Yes, regular food can be tastier and healthier, but the main plus of the bars is convenience: compact, light, packed. The bar can be eaten at full speed on a bicycle, and on the run, and immediately after the finish.

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Homemade protein bar

192 kcal on 100 grams, P/F/C 15.5/5.7/20.4

40 g 1 portion- 77 kcal

Chocolate protein 55 g

Oat flour or oatmeal- 75 g

Fresh cherry- 125 g

Egg whites- 75 g

Cocoa- 15 g


Water- 4 tbsp

Olive oil- 15 g

1.Mix all together in blender.

2. Put all into the rectangular baking tray.

3.Bake at 160 C 30-35 minutes.

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