Why shoulders and wrists hurt during push ups and plank

Straps and push-ups are the most affordable exercises that can be performed anywhere, anytime. We tell you why after the bar and push-ups your wrists and shoulders may hurt and what to do about it.

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Classic plank and its variations – we strengthen the abs and the whole body

Exercise plank is a great way to strengthen not only the abs, but also the entire muscular corset, increase muscle strength and endurance, make the silhouette fit and improve your well-being. Planck has dozens of variations, differing in the degree of complexity, however, they are all performed on the basis of the basic technique. Exercise is used in fitness, yoga, Pilates and various wellness practices.

Muscle work

The main groups of muscles that support the body in a straightened position while performing the plank are the press and the back. In addition, the muscles of the chest, shoulders, front surface of the thighs and buttocks are included in the work. In other words, the distribution of the load on the muscles when performing the classic version of the exercise (standing on the elbows) is as follows:

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