Galleta-pizza with pepperoni

For 2 servings:

For dough:

130 g of butter
300 g of whole wheat flour
1 egg
80 g of milk
0,5 tsp. of vinegar

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Diet pizza: chicken recipe, no dough, oatmeal

Proper nutrition is not a system of strict prohibitions and restrictions, and therefore, if you stick to healthy eating, it does not mean that you should deny yourself such a tasty and beloved piece of pizza, especially if it is a diet pizza. Properly selected ingredients and the method of preparation will help you prepare delicious and low-calorie pizza, which you can safely include in your diet for weight loss.

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Low-calorie pizza recipes

The subtleties of diet pizza

1. Filling: fewer calories – more flavor. If you use ready-made tomato sauce, add canned tomatoes in it – the taste will become more saturated. Try to use fresh oregano and basil, which, unlike dried, enhance the flavor. Refuse from completely fat-free cheese – it will not melt. Choose low fat varieties.

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