What is muesli ?

Cereals are the basis of muesli – most often it is oatmeal, but there are other options: rye, barley, wheat, corn, buckwheat, etc. Almost always flakes in muesli are pre-processed in various ways (thermal, steam, etc.) – so that they are edible without cooking and even without long swelling in the liquid. But the flakes would be just flakes if there were no other additives in the muesli. As additives use nuts, dried fruits, dried berries, chocolate pieces. The volume percentage of additives in muesli depends on the brand of the product and manufacturer, it can be from 10% to 50%. The more additives, the muesli is tastier and “richer” (and, as a rule, more expensive), but as far as the benefits to the body are concerned, this is an open question depending on what is added to the muesli. In addition, it is often possible to detect more dubious components in muesli: sugar, flavors, colors, preservatives.

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