How to learn to think positively

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 Have you ever noticed that mood and emotional state depend on your thoughts? Sure, yes. But when problems surround, positive thoughts leave my head. How to step over yourself? How to learn to think positively?

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Сильный найдет – возможность. Слабый найдет – причину

Мировой финансовый кризис, отнимает всё больше времени и сил. Что бы адаптироваться к более жесткому регламенту многим приходиться усердствовать больше прежнего, что бы дети ни остались голодными.… Хотя кризис всё же по большей части таится в головах среднестатистических обывателей, всё же не малая часть спортсменов перестаёт посещать залы.

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The strong will find – an opportunity. The weak will find the reason

The global financial crisis is taking more and more time and effort. In order to adapt to stricter regulations, many have to be more zealous than ever, no matter how children remain hungry. … Although the crisis still lurks for the most part in the heads of average people, still not a small part of athletes stop attending halls.

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Hormones are special chemicals that regulate the body. Hormones are responsible for hundreds of body functions, including:

  • The fight against various diseases. Disruption of the hormonal system leads to hundreds of various diseases that cannot be eliminated without interfering with the secretion of hormones.
  • “Switching” from a state of joy to a state of depression, the ability to feel happiness and any emotions. The so-called hormones of happiness are responsible for this.
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Фитнес знаменитости

Фитнес знаменитости – люди, которые стали известны благодаря своим результативным тренировкам в спортзале.

Достижения этих людей являются эталонными для любителей фитнеса по всему миру. Внизу страницы вас ждет фото-подборка из знаменитостей, на которых стоит равняться!

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Fitness celebrities

Fitness celebrities are people who have become famous for their productive workouts in the gym.

The achievements of these people are benchmarks for fitness lovers around the world. At the bottom of the page you will find a photo selection of celebrities who are worth following!

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22 healthy habits to keep you healthy

Eat fruits instead of sweets

Sweets are sweet due to the presence of processed sugar in them. Fruits contain natural sugar, and they are much healthier because they are also rich in fiber, which helps to digest this sugar faster.

Do not go shopping on an empty stomach

Studies show that people who have a snack before going to the grocery store buy less junk food. Most likely, this is because people do not make impulsive purchases due to hunger.

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Pitfalls of a healthy lifestyle that you should know about in advance

A healthy lifestyle carries the rejection of all unpleasant habits, proper nutrition, exercise and many other useful things. But is everything really good? After all, even the most useful activities, as a rule, also have a negative side. It is worth sorting out this issue.

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How to love sports

You can learn to enjoy fitness. Your workout can turn into an exciting and rewarding activity. Positive emotions will only improve the situation. Read on to find out what you can do to make sports fun and fun.

Be healthy and happy!

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