Диетические трубочки из чечевицы с творогом и шпинатом

Порций: 4
Время готовки: 50 минут
Ккалл.: 285.2
Белки, г.: 22.3
Жиры, г.: 16
Углеводы, г.: 13.9

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Sambar with pumpkin and tomatoes

Sambar is a traditional South Indian lentil stew. It is served as an independent dish or as a complex sauce for boiled rice. In this case, a sambar for the enrichment of color and taste is prepared with the addition of vegetables and spices.

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Lentils: beneficial and harmful properties

Lentil is a high-protein product of the legume family. It grows in pods and there are several varieties of it: red, brown, black and green. Essentially, varieties do not differ in their useful properties. Lentils are cooked quickly and easily. And low cost makes it an affordable form of high-quality protein for many people.

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