15 лучших упражнений для ног

Как накачать ноги
Если вы качаете всё тело на одной тренировке, включите по одному упражнению на каждую мышечную группу. Если предпочитаете сплиты, выберите один-два варианта для каждой группы и добавьте в программу занятий в день ног.

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15 best leg exercises

How to pump up your legs
If you are swinging your entire body in one workout, include one exercise for each muscle group. If you prefer splits, choose one or two options for each group and add to your leg day workout.

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What is Bulgarian split squat and how to do it correctly?

What is Bulgarian split squat

All of you are probably familiar with the attacks. I think this is one of the favorite exercises for girls, because of the wonderful properties of forming elastic hips and buttocks. Bulgarian squat is a modification of the usual attacks and has even more wonderful properties! After all, the load is emphasized on the front foot. No wonder the English singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor loves him so much!

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