Ice cream – 8 homemade recipes: banana, cottage cheese, with milk

In summer, cooling and light meals and desserts are more relevant than ever. That is why many people losing weight in the summer easily refuse fatty and sweet desserts and switch to light and low-calorie ones. Of course, the best dessert for the summer is ice cream. Well, what could be better than a cold portion of ice cream in the midst of a hot day, especially since the choice of this dessert is so great that your eyes run wide and you want to try absolutely all kinds and varieties. But are they all so harmless to your figure and is it possible to eat all sorts of ice cream?

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Lime and avocado ice cream

It’s hard to come up with something better than a magical banana and berry ice cream. However, we know another unbanal recipe based on avocado, which can be altered by changing the amount of ingredients used and adding new ones to taste.


480 ml of ripe avocado (puree)

120 ml of fresh lime juice

1 tsp lime peel

180 ml agave syrup

½ tsp vanilla extract

a pinch of salt


Mix all the ingredients in a food processor and store in a freezer in an airtight container for 3-4 hours. Ice cream can be served with raspberry sauce, cardamom or any syrup to taste.

Raw coconut milk ice cream on almond flour cake

8 portions/ cooking time 30 min + 3-4 hours in the freezer


Ground cinnamon 1 tsp

Lime 2 pcs.

Salt sea small pin

3/4 cup almond flour

Coconut Cream 1 jar

Honey flower 150 g

Coconut oil 3 tbsp.

1.Almond flour, 3 tbsp.  coconut oil, 1 tsp. ground cinnamon, pinch of salt and 3 tbsp. honey mix until smooth.

2.Thin in a parchment-covered baking tray

3.Beat the cooled coconut cream thoroughly. Add the juice of two limes, all the remaining honey. Beat for 5 minutes.

4.Pour into a baking tray with almond mass. Sprinkle with a grated zest of one lime. In the freezer for 3-4 hours

Enjoy your meal!