Korean carrots


I do not know how would you call this recipe, but in Ukraine we call it Korean carrots, on our markets Korean women sell it and I love this.
Korean-style carrots are juicy, nutritious and delicious. Such a carrot is also useful, because, due to its pungency, it improves digestion.
You can also use it for making salads, rolls, pies. Korean carrots go well with meat dishes, boiled potatoes and pasta. Normally, should be used another grater, but, unfortunately, I do not have it, so I used regular one.

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My child eats sweets only. What to do?

doughnut topped with colorful sprinkles
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

Parents are often anxious when it comes to children’s diets. At the same time, some of them try to feed the child at any cost, offer more and more attractive food and, as a result, almost completely replace natural products with sweet and fast food. The other part strives to make the child’s nutrition as healthy as possible, so they establish strict controls and completely forbid children to eat sweets. But strict prohibitions and the division of food into “good” and “bad” work only as long as the adult has complete control over the child’s nutrition.

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7 неочевидных, но важных причин есть петрушку каждый день

Петрушку традиционно используют для украшения блюд да по чуть-чуть крошат в салаты. Но эта кучерявая зелень служит не только кулинарной эстетике.

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7 non-obvious but important reasons to eat parsley every day

Parsley is traditionally used to decorate dishes and crumble a little into salads. But these curly greens serve more than just a culinary aesthetic.

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