12 signs you have kidney problems

Swelling, headaches and even fatigue are reasons to go to the doctor.

Healthy kidneys filter about half a cup of blood every minute to flush waste and excess water in the urine. They also maintain the balance of minerals and nutrients in the blood, produce hormones, control blood pressure and red blood cell count, and help maintain healthy bones.

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What diseases do women earn due to stress and how to deal with it

Stress affects your physical and emotional well-being worse than you think. He threatens with many problems: from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract to heart attacks. 75–90% of initial visits to a doctor are due to stress. And the female body is especially sensitive to stress.

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Какой уровень сахара в крови считается нормальным и что делать, если он понижен или повышен

Делайте анализ на глюкозу как минимум раз в три года.

Зачем нужен сахар в крови
На самом деле речь идёт не о сахаре, а о глюкозе. Сахар, как и любой другой углевод, не усваивается организмом напрямую: он расщепляется в кишечнике до простых сахаров (моносахаридов) и попадает в кровь в виде глюкозы.

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What is normal blood sugar level and what to do if it is low or high

Get your glucose tested at least every three years.

Why do you need blood sugar
In fact, we are not talking about sugar, but about glucose. Sugar, like any other carbohydrate, is not directly absorbed by the body: it is broken down in the intestine to simple sugars (monosaccharides) and enters the bloodstream as glucose.

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От чего зависит запах пота и как его уменьшить

Почему пахнет пот
На самом деле пот в большинстве случаев не пахнет. Он нужен организму для охлаждения, состоит в основном из воды и не имеет запаха. Не верите? Тогда просто принюхайтесь к маленьким детям, которые резвятся в жару!

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What determines the smell of sweat and how to reduce it

Why does sweat smell
In fact, sweat doesn’t smell most of the time. It is needed by the body for cooling, consists mainly of water and is odorless. Don’t believe me? Then just sniff the little kids frolicking in the heat!

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Glowing skin rules: how to care for your face at 20, 30, 40 and 50

7 rules for skin care at any age
You probably know these basic rules. Let’s list them for completeness.

  • Wash your face twice a day with a gel or foam with a pH of about 5–5.5. This product preserves the skin’s protective barrier.
  • Be sure to remove your makeup before bed.
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How to get rid of stretch marks

What are stretch marks and where do they come from
Stretch marks (they are also striae) are not too pretty purple, pink or white winding stripes on the skin. They are not striking, but create an uneven tone. Because of this, the skin even on the most toned tummy or perfected hips looks loose and flabby.

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Что делать, если синяки появляются без причины

Причины всё же есть. И среди них — очень опасные.

Почему появляются синяки
Сразу оговоримся: даже у совершенно беспричинных синяков причины, конечно же, есть. Просто скрытые.

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