10 things that negatively affect the brain

Health is our everything. Everyone wants to be healthy, but not everyone follows a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, often a person himself is an enemy of his own health. We present to your attention 10 things that negatively affect the brain.

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22 healthy habits to keep you healthy

Eat fruits instead of sweets

Sweets are sweet due to the presence of processed sugar in them. Fruits contain natural sugar, and they are much healthier because they are also rich in fiber, which helps to digest this sugar faster.

Do not go shopping on an empty stomach

Studies show that people who have a snack before going to the grocery store buy less junk food. Most likely, this is because people do not make impulsive purchases due to hunger.

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How to form your helpful habits and get rid of harmful: ultimative instruction.

What are habits and why are they needed?

Habits – any actions that we perform “on the machine”, without thinking and not making efforts. There is evidence that, out of habit, we choose media, make purchases, eat harmful snacks instead of healthy vegetables, play sports, follow the recommendations of the doctor, wash our hands and brush our teeth.

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