Как сохранить ягоды, фрукты и овощи свежими как можно дольше

Что важно учесть
Для начала небольшой урок химии. Этилен – это газ без запаха и цвета, который помогает некоторым фруктам созревать. В некоторых плодах его много (например, яблоки и груши), а в некоторых — ничтожно мало.

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How to keep berries, fruits, and vegetables fresh for as long as possible

What is important to consider
To start with a little chemistry lesson. Ethylene is an odorless and colorless gas that helps some fruits ripen. In some fruits, there is a lot of it (for example, apples and pears), and in some it is negligible.

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How to wash fruits and vegetables

Adherents of a healthy lifestyle should eat natural products of plant origin. But imported vegetables and fruits are more likely to scare than to attract.

The news tells about the next deliveries of toxic agricultural products from around the world. “But it’s clearly somewhere out there,” we think, “it doesn’t concern us.” And the store shelves are beckoning with shiny apples, glossy tomatoes and sunny oranges. And we, having forgotten everything in the world, are already bringing fresh fruit to our mouth for immediate tasting. Stop! What about washing?

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Banana after workout? Better a few!

Banana after workout? Better a few! Intense physical activity requires a lot of strength and energy and this is not a secret for those who regularly work out in the gym. Everything that the body loses during such training must be replenished. In this case, a banana can help out after a workout, or rather a few.

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Foods that can be eaten at night (and even at night)

We all know that eating is not possible after six, but before bedtime. More precisely, it is undesirable to gorge on a lot. And even more precisely – you should not load the digestive system at night: both sleep will be inferior, and excess calories can turn into extra pounds. No need to endure or try to fall asleep under the rumbling of the abdomen, because there are a lot of products that are before bedtime – you can!

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6 stupid healthy food myths to be ashamed of

In early childhood, we could hear (most often from our mother) that it is strictly forbidden to swallow seeds from berries – they say a tree will grow in the tummy. And not only parents, even scientists and nutritionists, only in the last century gave strange nutritional recommendations, and doctors prescribed unhealthy diets. The list of misconceptions about food and products is endless – good, modern science is gradually proving their absurdity. But some myths are still alive – let’s destroy them.

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“Autumn. Time to pick mushrooms. ” The benefits and harms of mushrooms

Autumn! It is the very time when many, in order to get an emotional discharge, to escape from the ubiquitous problems, and just to get some fresh forest air, they arm themselves with a basket, a folding leg and go to the forest to look for mushrooms. In the silence that the birds occasionally dilute with their singing and the rustling of autumn foliage under their feet, you walk, look for mushrooms, and when you find it, so much joy appears in you, so many pleasant emotions! For many people, such a day in the forest and a basket of mushrooms as a trophy bring a lot of pleasure! And after all, not only moral satisfaction does a person receive from mushrooms, but also benefits for physical health! In this article we will talk about the incredible benefits and possible harm of mushrooms, introduce some of the healing properties of mushrooms.

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Cheat meal – what is it and how to do it right

Today, nutritionists and nutrition experts are of the opinion that small and short-term deviations from the diet plan are even useful and can serve as an excellent incentive for rapid weight loss and psychological stress.

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Simple recipes for lunch

In the middle of the day, the body begins to require additional calories to restore strength and efficiency. Do not deny him this, because a rational and reasonable feeling of hunger is a serious “bell” that energy resources are running out.

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