3 best exercises for the lower abs

They can be made with and without equipment.

упражнения для нижнего пресса: Нижний пресс

What is the lower part of abs
This is the lower part of the rectus abdominis muscle. Since both the upper and lower abs are the same muscle, it is impossible to train the lower abs in isolation. In any abdominal exercise, the entire rectus abdominis muscle works, but some movements load the upper part more and others lower.

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Лучший комплекс из 5-ти упражнений для плеч с гантелями для женщин — как накачать дельты девушке?

Девушки часто не уделяют внимания верхней части мышц, боясь, что плечи станут огромными, а силуэт фигуры V — образным. На самом деле это не так. Чтобы добиться аналогичных изменений, нужно работать долго и упорно с большими весами.
А вот для того, чтобы дельты стали округлыми, а мышцы приобрели рельеф, необходимы специальные упражнения на плечи с использованием небольших гантелей, которые отлично подойдут для женщин и девушек. Если Вы мечтаете о красивых плечах – усилия должны быть направлены, в первую очередь на нагрузку дельтовидных мышц. Данные мышцы прорабатываются во время различных вариантов жимов гантелей под разными углами.

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The best set of 5 exercises for shoulders with dumbbells for women – how to pump up the deltas for a girl?

Girls often do not pay attention to the upper muscles, fearing that the shoulders will become huge, and the silhouette of the figure V – shaped. This is actually not the case. To achieve similar changes, you need to work long and hard with large weights.
But in order for the deltas to become rounded, and the muscles to get a relief, special exercises on the shoulders with the use of small dumbbells are needed, which are perfect for women and girls. If you dream of beautiful shoulders – efforts should be directed, first of all, to the load of the deltoid muscles. These muscles are worked out during various dumbbell bench presses at different angles.

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What is Bulgarian split squat and how to do it correctly?

What is Bulgarian split squat

All of you are probably familiar with the attacks. I think this is one of the favorite exercises for girls, because of the wonderful properties of forming elastic hips and buttocks. Bulgarian squat is a modification of the usual attacks and has even more wonderful properties! After all, the load is emphasized on the front foot. No wonder the English singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor loves him so much!

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5 kinds of lunges with a barbell on the shoulders to vary the day of the legs

What is this exercise?

This is a basic exercise for the legs. Lunges effectively pump muscles, so many women and men include them in their training programs. A variety of options allows you to focus on different muscle groups.

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Correct biceps training: what exercises work

Anatomy of the biceps

The biceps, or biceps muscle of the shoulder is anatomically located on the radius and is clearly visible under the skin. The main purpose is to bend the arm at the shoulder joint. Antagonist – triceps.

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