Pizza on the basis of cauliflower

Cheese 200 g
Cauliflower 300 g
Chicken egg 1 piece
Tomato paste 70 g
Salt to taste
Oregano to taste
Sweet pepper 40 g
 Onion 15g

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Pomegranate Raspberry Cake

Hello, everyone! Today is a cake day. Would you like to have birthday cake like that? Today I got older. I keep myself healthy, but I still love cakes. There is nothing I can do. Enjoy!


Raw cashews

Light agave syrup

Agar agar

Raw almond

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Raspberry Cashew Cake

Cheesecake raw food analogues are very easy to prepare. Such desserts usually consist of two parts, a base and a filling, but you can turn on the fantasy and experiment. For example, increase the number of layers, make a base of different nuts or even carrots, add favorite spices, berries, fruits and dried fruits, try various toppings. The result will definitely please you if you are guided by your taste and preferences. The recipe is designed for a form with a diameter of 18 cm.

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Lime and avocado ice cream

It’s hard to come up with something better than a magical banana and berry ice cream. However, we know another unbanal recipe based on avocado, which can be altered by changing the amount of ingredients used and adding new ones to taste.

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How to prepare quinoa: 10 delicious recipes

1. Rolls with quinoa

If you do not eat rolls because of white rice, which is certainly included in their composition, then try replacing quinoa rice. Start rolls with something tasty – tuna, avocado, and even salmon with curd cheese.

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Hemp porridge on coconut milk

Hemp seeds – the record among the cereals in the content of nutrients. It tastes a bit like nuts and sunflower seeds. Hemp cereal is pleasant to all – vegans, adherents of healthy lifestyles and just lovers of cereals. By the way, in hemp seeds there is no gluten at all – another plus in favor of wholesome cannabis.

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Raspberry dessert with millet

2 portions/ 0 h. 35 time/ 164 Kcal / 100 g


Millet – 100 g

Milk – 200 ml

Lemon – 1 pc.

Vanillin – 1 tsp.

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