Alcohol promotes anxiety

Do you feel sudden and unfounded anxiety, worry, or even unexplained fear? Perhaps this is the result of the fact that the day before you “went too far” with alcohol. Drinking alcohol and related actions, as well as the effect of ethanol on human tissues and organs, lead not only to “basic” hangover symptoms, but also to causeless anxiety.

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10 привычек, которые мешают вам стать счастливым

Измените своё поведение, чтобы научиться радоваться жизни.

  1. Сравнивать себя с другими
    Счастливому человеку неважно, что и как делают другие и чего они добились. Он знает, что идёт своим путём. Сравнение, конкуренция с другими просто не имеют смысла. Тем более что судить о чьей-то жизни можно лишь по той информации, которую человек сам предоставляет. Реальное положение вещей может очень отличаться от фотографий в Instagram. И картинки чужой красивой жизни не должны сбивать с толку и мешать делать то, что вы считаете правильным.
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10 habits that prevent you from becoming happy

Change your behavior to learn how to enjoy life.

  1. Compare yourself with others
    It does not matter to a happy person what and how others do and what they have achieved. He knows that he is going his own way. Comparison, competition with others simply does not make sense. Moreover, one can judge someone’s life only by the information that the person himself provides. The reality may be very different from Instagram photos. And pictures of someone else’s beautiful life should not be confusing and prevent you from doing what you think is right.
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4 психологические практики, которые наполнят жизнь счастьем


Удивительно, но мысли о смерти помогут стать счастливее, а комфортная жизнь — нет.

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20 things to let go to be happy

  1. Approval of others
    Who cares what they think of you? If you are happy with your decisions, you have made the right choice, and it does not matter what others say. Imagine how much effort you spend trying to read other people’s thoughts, and still not guess.
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How to increase testosterone

What is testosterone and why increase it?
Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. Its level ranges from 300 to 1,000 ng / dl and can decrease for a number of reasons: age, excess weight, various diseases. Here are a few indirect signs that suggest a lack of testosterone:

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Compulsive overeating: symptoms, causes, how to get rid of it.

All of us are inclined from time to time from the bottom of our hearts to eat up goodies at the festive table or, by chance, to pluck a whole box of cookies into a fascinating film. There is nothing reprehensible and alarming if such a habit, of course, is not regular and poorly controlled. Otherwise, we can talk about one of the violations of food consumption – compulsive overeating.

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Why does autumn depression appear?

Autumn depression is another seasonal psychological problem in which there is a change in mood towards negativism and apathy to many things. Why is this happening? It turned out that more than women more than men are affected by such changes, all individuals are especially susceptible to such changes. These are emotional people, as well as those who could have suffered emotional trauma, stressful situations, and have been ill with something serious and other things.

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7 Easy Ways to Avoid Depression

According to the World Health Organization, every tenth person on earth suffers from depression. Last year, these counted 615 million. In fact, this is an epidemic – which means that we need to urgently look for ways to prevent it. And it is desirable, fast, inexpensive and simple – so as not to fall into depression even on this occasion.

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