Is coffee a cherry? 13 amazing facts about the drink

History of the holiday
The traditions of celebrating coffee days were organically combined with local customs established earlier, so it’s hard to say who and where first thought of giving credit to a strong and invigorating drink. Different countries still celebrate this day at their own discretion, setting their own dates, choosing them for some internal reasons.

For the first time, official coffee celebrations were held in Japan. This happened in 1983 at the initiative of the local coffee association. Since then, Japan celebrates coffee day on October 1.

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Why should I drink coffee with water?

Where did the tradition go to a strong espresso to serve a glass of clean water, what is the meaning of such a presentation, why should I drink coffee with water?

It’s no secret that the traditions of coffee etiquette and the use of this drink were formed a few centuries ago. Therefore, for us, people of the 21st century, much of the coffee rituals may be unclear, and some of them may well cause a smile and amazement.

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