7 ways to increase your stamina while running

I don’t know of a single person who would not like to improve their running performance, whether it is increasing speed or running endurance. But since we are all different, the same option will work for some, but for others it will be a waste of time.

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Are stepper exercises effective for weight loss – a full review

An essential component of any even the most gentle and lazy weight loss program is exercise. It’s not easy to choose a type of sports activity that would give a result specifically for you. So that efforts are not wasted, before starting classes, consult a fitness trainer about choosing a tactic aimed at your personal problem areas. If this is the area of ​​the legs, buttocks and thighs, plus the task is to “burn” calories — welcome to the stepper!

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What is cardio?

What do you think about cardio? Why we need this training and when better to do it?

Well, let`s talk about this topic more wide. The name “cardio” , literally, means “heart” from greek word καρδια. That’s why this type of training is, actually training for cardiovascular system. There are many kinds of cardio trainings, such as: running, jumping, hiking, riding a bike and others.

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