Что произойдёт с телом, если делать упражнение «велосипед» каждый день

«Велосипед» — это простое упражнение на прокачку пресса и сгибателей бедра. Оно не требует оборудования и хорошей физической подготовки, может выполняться отдельно или в составе тренировки, по подходам и повторениям или по времени.

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What will happen to the body if you do the exercise “bike” every day

“Bicycle” is a simple exercise for pumping the press and hip flexors. It does not require equipment and good physical preparation, can be performed separately or as part of a training session, by approaches and repetitions, or by time.

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6 тезисов о том, можно ли заниматься на велотренажере при варикозе и как это правильно делать

Тренировки на начальной стадии заболевания однозначно принесут пользу и станут профилактикой дальнейшнего прогрессирования.
Но как быть тем, у кого довольно сильно выражена склонность к расширению вен и замедлению кровотока? Нелишним будет прислушаться к советам докторов и инструкторов по спортивной медицине.

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Exercise bike for losing weight at home: all the nuances of an effective workout

Riding a bike and exercise bike for weight loss is one of the most controversial ways to lose weight. Some admirers write enormous reviews about how a miracle bike helped them lose weight by a certain amount of kilograms and put their figure in order, while omitting the history of their nutrition and parallel power loads. Others leave angry comments that the exercise bike for losing weight at home is an absolutely useless thing, often those who use the exercise bike only as a hanger for clothes think so. So, where is the middle ground and how to use an exercise bike and a bike for weight loss, first things first.

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Riding a bicycle: benefits and harms, training and riding rules

In the past few years, in many European countries, we can observe the rapidly growing popularity of bicycles as a mode of transport. This is due to many factors: convenience, saving (money and time), health benefits, inability to harm the environment. In this article, we will examine in detail what benefits cycling work for men and women, whether there are contraindications to practicing such a sport as learning how to ride and how to choose the right bike.

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