Sauna: Health benefits and precautions

“Sauna”, translated from Finnish, means “bath”. This word was borrowed and passed into many other languages. Some researchers believe that the sauna was invented during the Byzantine Empire, or borrowed by the Scythians from the Slavs, who were associated with the Finns. One way or another, the sauna is an original Finnish tradition.

Self-prepared hair masks

Self-preparation of a mask for the health of curls has a number of advantages: Low cost. An effective remedy can be made with the ingredients at hand. If necessary, you will need to buy something, but it will be much cheaper than purchasing a professional mask. Environmental friendliness. There is complete confidence that there are …

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The benefits and harm of pears for the body

Rush (Pýrus) is the name given to the fruits of the tree of the same name, belonging to the Pink family. Traditionally, pears are in the shape of a light bulb, but there are round or cylindrical pears specially bred by breeders. Fruits have a variety of colors – almost transparent white, light and dark …

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5 traditional remedies for cough

Autumn. Cold. Wind. Almost everyone is haunted by the common cold. The area where I was born has tricky weather every winter and fall, so it is easy to catch a cold. Odesa, Ukraine always windy and freezing cold, so need to be careful. One of the most unpleasant manifestations of it, cough, can be …

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Seaweed: benefits and harm to the body

Seaweed or kelp is a very healthy and low-calorie product that is rich in iodine. History of seaweedToday there are a large number of foods that are low in calories but have tremendous benefits for our body. These products include seaweed. Kelp grows at a depth of 10-12 meters and belongs to the class of …

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Is it possible to eat tomatoes for arthrosis of the joints?

Knee arthrosis is a disease that requires constant correction of the diet. If the pathology is caused by metabolic disorders, chondrocalcinosis and uric acid crystals accumulate in the joint cavity. To control them, remove and stop progression, you should control the use of vegetable products, especially tomatoes. As strange as it sounds, tomatoes and joints …

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Картофель: польза и вред для организма

История картофеляИзвестно, что родиной картофеля является Южная Америка. Еще в далеком 1565 году картофель использовали в пищу племена индейцев, населявших территорию современного Перу и Боливии.

Agar-agar and its beneficial properties

There are food additives that are natural, that is, made from plant materials, and synthetic – obtained in laboratories, it is absolutely precisely artificial fillers that will harm you. Natural supplements can harm your health only when their consumption exceeds the permissible norms, but this happens with any product – if you eat something in …

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