What is healthy lifestyle?

Every person dreaming about being healthy, confident, rested and look perfect.

How to reach this aim?

First of all to accept yourself. Start eat healthier, to enjoy moments, to rest and smile more.

Everything in your hands, if you really want it, do all for your goal and the results will not make you wait any longer!

I have heard so many times: “I cannot… it is difficult… I will never reach this…” All of these only excuses. In my opinion, it is disrespect to your body.

“We are what we eat”

woman measuring her waist
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Facts: people who mostly eat junk food are unhappy, depressed, having a health issues, even angry. If to mention people who dieting, pretty much the same. I have never heard that diet leads to a great results. Exactly opposite, malnutrition, headaches, moodswing and other. Our organs need vitamins and minerals to survive, there is no reason to torture our own body and mind. Dieting people can lose the weight,but at the end they gain weight even more and faster. Do not forget that those people, usually, having a nervous breakdowns so often, that it might be a problem in society. So, it is enough to eat healthy and to do morning exercise.

Of course, I don`t force anyone, you have to come to this by yourself.

At the begining will be difficult, I won`t lie, but already in a month, maybe less or more, you will notice that you enjoy that. You will start making meal`s plan, you will feel weird without sport. Besides, sport helps us not only to forget about depression, problems, it can help to relax and to obtain a power of will. It can treat a trauma, no matter if it`s physical or mental.


Very soon you will be confident in yourself, believe me, life changes, normally, changing your point of view about everything. It makes you free and happy.

So, come on, follow your dreams!

woman drinking water while standing beside her bike
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