What exercises are needed for scoliosis sufferers

According to statistics, 4 million adults suffer from scoliosis. The risk group includes children who do not know how to sit at the table. But even if you suffer from scoliosis, this is not a sentence. There are many exercises that will help to cope with the disease and relieve pain.

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Yoga exercises against depression and stress

Yoga has long ceased to be a purely Indian practice and has spread throughout the world. Let us consider in this article why this teaching is so carried away by people of the opposite social status, and how people using asanas (yoga exercises) try to get rid of the negative in the soul that causes depression and provokes stressful situations.

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Respiratory gymnastics during pregnancy: benefit or harm, a set of exercises

The time of bearing a child is not a reason to quit sports. Simple exercises (breathing exercises for pregnant women) will help women to prepare for childbirth and just not get bored at home.

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Is it possible to play sports “these days”?

Hello, everyone! It is a while I did not post anything, but now I am here)

Many girls ask this question. In addition, this topic is quite relevant and it is worth paying special attention to it. Representatives of the fair half who regularly engage in sports are not always ready to suspend their workouts during menstruation, and some listen to the opinions of doctors who say that it is better to postpone classes during this period. What is left to do?

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Yoga and meditation reduce inflammation in the body

Studies have shown that asanas and deep breathing can slow down and stop the inflammatory processes in the body.

During the study, British scientists analyzed 18 scientific papers on the effects of yoga, meditation and breathing exercises on human health. Almost 900 people took part in them. The researchers concluded that exercise, during which consciousness works, suppresses the manifestations of genes responsible for inflammation in the body.

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5 reasons to start meditating and preserving your brain active to deep age

I hope you do not believe in the myth that meditation is a business exclusively for Indian yogis, Buddhist monks or Tibetan lamas. Yes, for many centuries Eastern practices have included meditation and it is considered the key to a healthy and harmonious life. But today meditation is a skill that modern man needs. Everybody is talking about her – stars, athletes, successful businessmen, and its usefulness has been proven from a scientific point of view.

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Asana without injury: How to make Yoga safe

– Yoga is a training of mind and body using a combination of different techniques. Performing special exercises (asanas) has a positive effect on the body – they are suitable both for the prevention and treatment of various pathologies, as well as for the search for inner harmony and spiritual self-improvement. The effect of yoga on the body is already quite well studied. Of course, damage to the ligaments or arthrosis is impossible to cure, but there is still a positive effect in the treatment of certain functional disorders, such as back and joint pain, depression.

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