Salad with onions and blue cheese

Servings: 4Ingredients:Red onion– 200 gOlive oil – 3 tbsp. Wine vinegar – 2 tbsp. Mustard – 1 tbsp. Blue cheese – 70 gWalnuts – 40 gA bunch of greens – 1 pc.Salt, pepper – To taste

What foods have the most vitamin C

What is vitamin C for?Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is an organic compound that is one of the main substances in our diet. This micronutrient plays a huge role in the functioning of the entire body. Its main functions are:

10 reasons to include dried foods in your diet

Do you know what type of conservation is the most ancient? Drying! It allows you to preserve food supplies without losing useful properties and vitamins, and due to the lack of moisture, products are not threatened with rotting. Our ancestors used only the sun and wind to dry fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms, while the modern …

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Pumpkin: benefits and harms

Pumpkin is a plant with creeping stems, the fruits are usually orange, but there are other colors of the peel. It has a rich vitamin composition and low-calorie content; this plant often becomes an element of the diet. But even the most useful product can become dangerous if misused. The history of the appearance of …

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