Sports recreation

Sports recreation is used to achieve two goals: Improving health and getting positive emotions as part of outdoor activities. Recovery after hard training. The first goal can be pursued by both ordinary people and athletes. The second task is the prerogative of athletes.

Спортивный отдых

Спортивный отдых используется для достижения двух целей: Укрепления здоровья и получения позитивных эмоций в рамках активного отдыха. Восстановления после тяжелых тренировок.

What exercises are needed for scoliosis sufferers

According to statistics, 4 million adults suffer from scoliosis. The risk group includes children who do not know how to sit at the table. But even if you suffer from scoliosis, this is not a sentence. There are many exercises that will help to cope with the disease and relieve pain.

How to stretch the thigh muscles

Flexible elastic body – the dream of man. For the implementation of the conceived attempt is possible. The right set of exercises performed daily will help you achieve your cherished goal. The front surface of the thigh is the tender part, you need to be careful in stretching it. The zone is pumped at an …

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