Salad with canned pineapple, nuts, and celery

Ingredients:Celery stalks – 150 gCanned pineapples – 150 gNuts – 50 gSeeds – 15 gSesame seeds – 5 gOlive oil – 1 tbsp.Honey – 1 tspLemon juice – 1 tspMustard – 1 tspDried garlic – 1 tsp

Poppyseed cake with yogurt cream

I used brown sugar and honey for the dessert. The nutritional value was calculated taking into account these ingredients. If you want to make your dessert even less nutritious, use your own sweetener to taste. If necessary, brown sugar can be replaced with white sugar in the same amount. Nutritional value (per 100 g):Caloric content …

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Urbech: what is that, useful properties and harm

Urbech is a natural paste made from grated nuts or seeds. And also a powerful source of vegetable protein, vitamins, and minerals, beneficial fatty acids. A little bit of historyThe Urbech recipe was invented in the 17th century in Dagestan. Originally, the paste was made from flaxseeds. They were carefully ground with stone millstones and …

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Healthy snacks – recipes.

Why are snacks so important to our health? The usual diet, including 2-3 dense meals per day, is not physiological. Our distant ancestor-gatherers could rarely get much food at a time. For hundreds of thousands of years, the body has adapted itself to frequent but small calorie intakes — the root is here, a handful …

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