Sport classification

What kinds of sports are there, what to choose?
There are a huge number of sports. There are more popular and less famous ones. But in any case, everyone can choose the most suitable type of activity for yourself.

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Running: Tips for those for whom difficult to start

What’s the hardest part of any workout? No, not working hard to the limit and not fighting fatigue and pain. The hardest part of any workout, be it jogging or strength training, is the journey from your usual place (sofa, bed, chair) to the place where physical activity starts (park, stadium, gym). The hardest part about training is getting started and not quitting.

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7 способов увеличить свою выносливость во время бега

Я не знаю ни одного человека, который не хотел бы улучшить свои беговые результаты, будь то увеличение скорости или бег на выносливость. Но так как все мы разные, один и тот же вариант для кого-то сработает, а для кого-то будет пустой тратой времени.

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7 ways to increase your stamina while running

I don’t know of a single person who would not like to improve their running performance, whether it is increasing speed or running endurance. But since we are all different, the same option will work for some, but for others it will be a waste of time.

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Как наше тело реагирует на жару во время бега

Лето в этом году выдалось жарким, а бегать при высоких температурах не так уж и легко. Если вы не привыкли к жаре, сердце начинает колотиться гораздо раньше положенного, пот застилает глаза, во рту пересыхает и постоянно хочется пить. Именно из-за этих неприятных ощущений мы стараемся бегать либо на рассвете, либо после заката, либо вообще на беговой дорожке в спортклубе с кондиционером. Однако есть способы избежать всего этого и получить максимум пользы и удовольствия от пробежки.

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How our body reacts to heat while running

The summer has been hot this year, and running in high temperatures isn’t easy. If you are not used to the heat, your heart begins to pound much earlier than it should, sweat covers your eyes, your mouth dries up and you are constantly thirsty. It is because of these unpleasant sensations that we try to run either at sunrise or after sunset, or even on a treadmill in an air-conditioned sports club. However, there are ways to avoid all of this and get the most out of your run and enjoy it.

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Sports recreation

Sports recreation is used to achieve two goals:

  • Improving health and getting positive emotions as part of outdoor activities.
  • Recovery after hard training.

The first goal can be pursued by both ordinary people and athletes. The second task is the prerogative of athletes.

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Спортивный отдых

Спортивный отдых используется для достижения двух целей:

  • Укрепления здоровья и получения позитивных эмоций в рамках активного отдыха.
  • Восстановления после тяжелых тренировок.
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How music affects training

For the first time, the role of music during training was thought back to 1911. Then the American scientist Leonard Aires found out that cyclists rode faster when music was playing, and slower in complete silence. Today, with headphones in the gym, you will definitely not surprise anyone, and in music services you can find separate playlists for each sport for every taste. We understand how favorite tracks affect the brain, does music really increase the effectiveness of training and what genres are most often chosen for different types of loads.

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How running is addictive due to euphoria

The tremendous popularity of running in recent years is not only due to the fact that only running shoes and space are needed for jogging, not only because proper running is a very simple way to start exercising your health. There is also an emotional side to this sport, and now we will tell you what emotions are and how to add them to your runs.

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