Date caramel

IngredientsDates (seedless) 160 gWater (boiling water) 3-4 tbsp. Salt 1 pinch

Raw food cake: cooking features, 8 recipes

Fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, herbs, berries and dried fruits are all suitable for raw food. The main condition is that the products were of plant origin and not subjected to heat treatment. But this does not mean that raw foodists do not cook anything at all. There is a mass of recipes from raw …

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Salty Nut Brownies

Raw food brownies are not inferior to the taste of the classic, they can be easily cooked in haste. If you spend a little more time and remake the main recipe, you can get a terrific coffee cake (although raw coffee is not drunk). We offer a brownie-based multi-layer cake recipe, each layer of which …

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