Candies with poppy seeds

Number of Servings: 10-12Ingredients:Walnuts – 150 gAlmonds – 150 gRaisins – 150 gDates – 150 gPoppy – 100 g (50 g for candy + 50 g for decorating sweets)Lemon – 1 Slice

10 reasons to include dried foods in your diet

Do you know what type of conservation is the most ancient? Drying! It allows you to preserve food supplies without losing useful properties and vitamins, and due to the lack of moisture, products are not threatened with rotting. Our ancestors used only the sun and wind to dry fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms, while the modern …

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Easter dishes, part 2: Kulich or Easter Bread

Easter Bread with orange peel⠀Per 100g: 219 kcal/8 ofproteins/7 of fats /32 of carbsTotal weight of the finished dish: ~ 300g⠀egg 2 pcsground oat bran 30gCornmeal 40gWhole wheat flour 30gbutter 25 g (you can use any vegetable oil)Kefir ~ 60mlraisins 30gbaking powder 1 tsp1 orange peelsweetener to taste, I used stevia 2 tbsp

Raisins: healthy properties, varieties, types

Raisins, as everyone knows, are a type of dried fruit and, in fact, are a dried grape. This delicacy has been deservedly popular for more than five and a half thousand years, although raisins (from Turkish dialect, this word is translated as “grapes”) were previously considered exclusively berries, containing stones.