Lviv cheesecake

Ingredients: 500 g of cottage cheese3 eggssweetener to taste1 bag of vanilla extract1 tbsp. of cornstarch1 lemona handful of raisins50 g dried apricots

Easter dishes, part 2: Kulich or Easter Bread

Easter Bread with orange peel⠀Per 100g: 219 kcal/8 ofproteins/7 of fats /32 of carbsTotal weight of the finished dish: ~ 300g⠀egg 2 pcsground oat bran 30gCornmeal 40gWhole wheat flour 30gbutter 25 g (you can use any vegetable oil)Kefir ~ 60mlraisins 30gbaking powder 1 tsp1 orange peelsweetener to taste, I used stevia 2 tbsp

Raisins: healthy properties, varieties, types

Raisins, as everyone knows, are a type of dried fruit and, in fact, are a dried grape. This delicacy has been deservedly popular for more than five and a half thousand years, although raisins (from Turkish dialect, this word is translated as “grapes”) were previously considered exclusively berries, containing stones.