Autumn pumpkin recipes, part 2

Hello everyone! For those who does not know, I am in United States at the moment. It was my first real Halloween in US, I have never seen so many children dressed like little monsters, superheroes or cute fairies. That was awesome. We did not have time to decorate the house, but we have got a Halloween bucket, lots candies and pumpkin tools) Still did not have chance to carve the pumpkin, but it is not the end) You know, in Ukraine we do not celebrate it this way. Honestly, it is not our culture and only last a few years the night clubs started to offer Halloween parties and children got to learn about Halloween celebration at schools.

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Millet porridge with green peas and mushrooms

millet 250 g
green peas (fresh or frozen) 250 g
champignons 100 g
white mushrooms 100 g
onion 1 pc.
coconut cream 130 ml
lemon peel 1 pc.
thyme sprigs 4 pcs.
olive oil (grow) oil 3 tbsp.
salt pepper

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Rice porridge with tangerines and nuts

Porridge is a basic product that must be present in the diet of each person. Although we are accustomed to the fact that porridge is boring, there will always be a way to diversify them. Fragrant rice porridge with tangerines – ideal for breakfast: fast, tasty and energy for the whole day! It will appeal to both children and adults.

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Lean risotto with hazelnuts and caramelized onions

1.8–2 l vegetable broth
2 cups of rice for risotto (arborio, carnaroli, italic)
70–100 g of roasted hazelnuts
6 large onions
3-4 garlic cloves
olive oil
freshly grated nutmeg
smoked paprika
salt, freshly ground black pepper

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Useful properties of rice. The composition of rice. Simple recipes

The beneficial properties of rice are known from ancient times. No one has yet figured out where rice came from and what country to consider its homeland. However, it is precisely known that this product got to Europe approximately in the 15th century. In different countries, rice is treated differently. In the East, for example, it is present daily in the diet. No wonder the wish to enjoy your meal in some oriental languages ​​sounds like this: “Help yourself to rice!”. And the concept of “lunch” or “dinner” literally means “eating rice.”

The composition of rice cereals

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Simple recipes for lunch

In the middle of the day, the body begins to require additional calories to restore strength and efficiency. Do not deny him this, because a rational and reasonable feeling of hunger is a serious “bell” that energy resources are running out.

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Healthy breakfast recipes

Familiar from childhood saying “Eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend, and give dinner to the enemy” has a completely logical and competent medical justification. Food, which nutritionists recommend to use in the morning, should be light and at the same time nutritious in order to awaken the metabolism from a night’s sleep, to invigorate the body with a loading dose of vitamins and to bring in a generous portion of energy resources necessary for the realization of future plans for the day.

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