Vegetable curry with quinoa

Calorie content per 100 gramsCalories: 103.38 kcalProteins: 3.61 gFat: 3.28 gCarbohydrates: 14.16 gServings: 2Ingredients:

Autumn pumpkin recipes, part 2

Hello everyone! For those who do not know, I am in the United States at the moment. It was my first real Halloween in the US, I have never seen so many children dressed like little monsters, superheroes, or cute fairies. That was awesome. We did not have time to decorate the house, but we …

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Oatmeal: recipes for beauty

Oatmeal is the real “scrub” for the digestive system. Regular and constant use of oatmeal will saturate the body with useful microelements, fill the body with strength and energy, B vitamins, and normalize digestion. After using the beauty salad, the skin shines with health from the inside, the excess weight disappears, the body cleanses from …

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