Fear of death

We all once think about death, but if thoughts constantly revolve around this topic, panic fear arises that interferes with life – this is no longer the norm. This condition is called a phobic disorder. What is the fear of death?Phobias are irrational, uncontrollable fears of someone or something, or of certain situations. It should …

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Fear of water

What is the name of the fear of water?The fear of water is called aquaphobia or hydrophobia. It is a collective term that reflects any variation of the disorder. For the vast majority of people, this fear is realized only when swimming in open water, but there may be more exotic forms of phobia: batophobia …

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Fear of the dark

Most adults do not react to darkness in any way, perceiving it as part of the day. But some people may have extremely negative reactions to any darkroom. What is the name of the fear of the darkIn scientific language, the fear of the dark is called nyctophobia or the even more exotic term Achluophobia. …

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