Peanut Candy

Ingredients: Figs – 100 gDates – 100 gPeanuts – 80 gCoconut flakes – for sprinkling

Peanuts: benefits and harms

Peanut historySouth America is considered the birthplace of peanuts. Confirmation of this is the vase found in Peru, which was created in a period when America was not yet conquered by Columbus. The vase resembles peanuts by force, it is also decorated with images in the form of this culture. The Spaniards brought peanuts to …

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Protein Peanut Butterscotch

This butterscotch will delight you not only with its taste but also with its benefits. There is no sugar in its composition, which prevails in the purchased version. These sweets have 7 times more protein and 4 times fewer carbohydrates than the store version. Nutritional value (per 100 g):Caloric content – 364 kcalProteins – 21.4 …

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