Sports recreation

A sports recreation is used to achieve two goals: Improving health and getting positive emotions as part of outdoor activities. Recovery after hard training. The first goal can be pursued by both ordinary people and athletes. The second task is the prerogative of athletes.

Skating. Benefits for body and soul

Having expressed a desire to start a fascinating, sober, sporty vacation, everyone is looking for a suitable fascinating activity, which, in addition to a good mood, can give you the opportunity to become a little stronger and more enduring. If you decide to start ice skating, the benefits of which are obvious and very significant …

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What muscles work when walking in different ways?

Walking is attracting more and more fans, which is not surprising because this type of training has a lot of advantages. Firstly, it is not as traumatic as other sports, and secondly, it is suitable for almost all people and, thirdly, it improves health and gives the body the necessary vitality. Let’s find out how …

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How many calories burn brisk walking 30 minutes? Walking and Calories

Losing weight by walking is the easiest and most affordable way. Not everyone has the time and opportunity to visit gyms. And to “carve-out” a little time for walking is within the power of anyone. How many calories are burned when walking and how effective this method will be discussed in this article.