Protein Peanut Butterscotch

This butterscotch will delight you not only with its taste but also with its benefits. There is no sugar in its composition, which prevails in the purchased version. These sweets have 7 times more protein and 4 times fewer carbohydrates than the store version. Nutritional value (per 100 g):Caloric content – 364 kcalProteins – 21.4 …

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Urbech: what is that, useful properties and harm

Urbech is a natural paste made from grated nuts or seeds. And also a powerful source of vegetable protein, vitamins, and minerals, beneficial fatty acids. A little bit of historyThe Urbech recipe was invented in the 17th century in Dagestan. Originally, the paste was made from flaxseeds. They were carefully ground with stone millstones and …

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