What foods have the most vitamin C

What is vitamin C for?Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is an organic compound that is one of the main substances in our diet. This micronutrient plays a huge role in the functioning of the entire body. Its main functions are:

10 reasons to include dried foods in your diet

Do you know what type of conservation is the most ancient? Drying! It allows you to preserve food supplies without losing useful properties and vitamins, and due to the lack of moisture, products are not threatened with rotting. Our ancestors used only the sun and wind to dry fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms, while the modern …

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Seven reasons to include amaranth flour in your diet

At first glance, amaranth groats look rather frivolous: tiny seeds no more than one millimeter in size. Is it possible to compare them with rice or buckwheat, with rye or oats? What is amaranth and where does it grow?In Russia, this plant has been known since ancient times as shiritsa. In addition, amaranth bore other …

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How to stay healthy for the New Year?

For many people, New Year’s holidays are accompanied by unbridled fun and feasts. Holidays are associated with overeating, excess alcohol, lack of sleep, and, as a rule, these are all together. Why are long New Year holidays dangerous?Weight gain. The most harmless thing that a prolonged rest can end with is weight gain. Studies show …

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How to stop snoring in adults at home?

Snoring makes people around you very nervous. We may not be aware of this, but our snoring can disrupt the quality of sleep of a loved one, children, friends and lead to fatigue and irritability. But most importantly, it can be a sign of poor health and is dangerous for the snoring person himself. According …

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Blueberries: benefits and harms

Blueberries have always been considered the “northern berry”: they grew in all regions of the Northern Hemisphere and endured harsh weather conditions. But now the berries are planted in warm climates. She is really unpretentious in care and at the same time is rich in useful substances. In the summer, blueberries are included in the …

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Pumpkin: benefits and harms

Pumpkin is a plant with creeping stems, the fruits are usually orange, but there are other colors of the peel. It has a rich vitamin composition and low-calorie content; this plant often becomes an element of the diet. But even the most useful product can become dangerous if misused. The history of the appearance of …

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Sea buckthorn: benefits and harms

Sea buckthorn historySea buckthorn is a small shrub or tree with small gray leaves. The plant is covered with thorns, and during fruiting, all branches are strewn with orange berries. They tightly stick around the branches, sitting in heaps, from which the name “sea buckthorn” came from. Sea buckthorn is also called “northern pineapple” because …

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Reasons to love cherries

Calories, vitamins, and minerals The low-calorie level in cherries, only 50 kcal per 100 grams, gives mono-diets a reason to use it as seasonal food, but such an extreme is akin to food extremism. However, in the cherry season, no matter how long it lasts, organizing yourself a couple of fasting days a week is …

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Marshmallow, marmalade, pastille

Of all the sweets, the most useful are marshmallows, marmalade, and candy. They are lower in calories and can be used in dietary meals. There are no fats in marmalade, marshmallow, and pastille, and for those who want to lose weight, but cannot do without sweets, it is better to replace other confectionery products with …

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