Sea buckthorn marmalade

A healthy sweet and sour treat. Agar-agar can be replaced with gelatin, in the amount indicated in the instructions. Ingredients:Sea buckthorn (juice) – 250 mlSugar – 80 grAgar-agar – 5 grWater – 100 ml


1) Mandarin tea –With sore throat tea from citrus, flour is excellent. Dry the peel of tangerines and oranges. Grind them in a coffee grinder just before use.Then take one teaspoon of the resulting powder and fill it with 100 g of boiling water. Let it brew for five minutes and take one or two …


How indoor plants can improve our lives?

Plants have an effect on the human body, toning and improving mood or, conversely, helping to fall asleep. Many of us keep potted flowers or other indoor plants at home.  However, not everyone is fully aware of the benefits that indoor plants bring, how they affect the emotional state of a person and our life …

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5 energy bar recipes

Energy bars – a convenient, ready-to-eat source of carbohydrates. Yes, regular food can be tastier and healthier, but the main plus of the bars is convenience: compact, light, packed. The bar can be eaten at full speed on a bicycle, and on the run, and immediately after the finish.

Healthy breakfast: 6 simple recipes of smoothie bowls

1. Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl In a blender, mix 1 frozen banana, 1.5 cups of frozen strawberries, half a glass of unsweetened coconut milk. Pour the smoothies on a plate. Slice fresh strawberries, banana, and chia seed and add to a smoothie.