Fried chanterelles

Ingredients: Chanterelles – 400-800 gOnion – 1 pieceGarlic – 2 clovesParsley and dill – a few twigsVegetable oil – for frying

Champignons: benefits and harms

History of champignonsChampignons are very popular aromatic mushrooms. They are common all over the world because they are practically never wormy, and their taste is very unusual. This mushroom is perfect for growing on farms, which is not possible with every species. One of the first mushrooms to be cultivated was champignon. Before that, they …

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Chanterelles: benefit and harm

Chanterelle historyChanterelles are bright red mushrooms that grow in large families in coniferous or birch forests. The hats are usually small, but in other climates, their size reaches 10-15 cm. Chanterelles are famous for the fact that they are practically not affected by worms. It is generally accepted that chanterelles are a typical mushroom of …

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10 reasons to include dried foods in your diet

Do you know what type of conservation is the most ancient? Drying! It allows you to preserve food supplies without losing useful properties and vitamins, and due to the lack of moisture, products are not threatened with rotting. Our ancestors used only the sun and wind to dry fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms, while the modern …

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