Diet beef in the oven

Servings: 2-3Ingredients:Beef – 400-500 gGreen onions – 2-3 pc. (stem)Bay leaf – 3-4 pcs.Hot water – 300 mlSalt – 2-3 pinches

Practical harm of meat globally and privately

People have been eating meat as food since the ice age. Anthropologists argue that it was then that a person refused a vegetable diet in favor of meat food. This “custom” has been conveyed by a significant part of humanity to the present day, someone has done it because of necessity (for example, Eskimos), living …

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Terrine: 7 recipes

Terrine is a kind of casserole, usually rectangular in shape. When serving, the terrine is cut into chunks. They make terrine from meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables. When cooking the crushed stuffing layers layout in a baking dish. Moreover, in many recipes, it is covered with strips of vegetables or meat. Prepare terrine in the …

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What is the paleo diet?

The creators of the Paleo diet turned to the sources and put forward an interesting theory on which their nutritional system is based. Diet (or, nevertheless, the nutrition system) Paleo is based on the idea that a person should eat the same food that his ancient ancestors ate. They claim that the human genome was …

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