Golf. Etiquette

  1. It is forbidden to make excessive noise, throw golf clubs and swear.
  2. The spirit of the game. Unlike other sports, golf is largely played without the supervision of a judge or referee. The game of golf is based on mutual respect and strict adherence to the rules – this is in many ways the personality of every golf player is subordinated to this. All players must behave in a disciplined manner, displaying courtesy and athletic prowess, regardless of their personal significance.
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Как не забывать прочитанное: советы от чемпиона по запоминанию

Пошаговый алгоритм, который поможет сохранить в голове всё самое важное.

С помощью книг мы можем дотянуться до великих людей и «подсмотреть» их секреты успеха, можем получить новый навык или узнать какие‑то фишки, которые продвинут нас к целям. Книги — отличный инструмент для развития мышления. Но, к сожалению, никто нас в школе или вузе не учил, как запоминать прочитанное. Поэтому информация в одно ухо влетает, а из другого вылетает.

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How not to forget what you read: tips from the champion on memorization

A step-by-step algorithm that will help you keep all the most important in your head.

With the help of books, we can reach great people and “peep” their secrets of success, we can gain a new skill or learn some chips that will propel us towards our goals. Books are a great tool for developing thinking. But, unfortunately, no one taught us at school or university how to memorize what we read. Therefore, information flies in one ear, and flies out of the other.

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5 простых способов укрепить своё здоровье

Сделать это можно без ежедневной зарядки и специальных диет.

  1. Тренируйте самоосознанность
    Самоосознанность — это способность распознавать и понимать собственное настроение, эмоции и стремления. Развивая её, вы повышаете шансы на психическое и физическое благополучие.
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5 easy ways to improve your health

This can be done without daily exercise and special diets.

  1. Train your self-awareness
    Self-awareness is the ability to recognize and understand your own mood, emotions and aspirations. By developing it, you increase the chances of mental and physical well-being.
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Why abs cubes are uneven

Почему кубики пресса бывают неровными? | VK


  1. I pumped up the abs, and the cubes are some kind of curves. Why?
  2. Why are they different?
  3. Does it somehow affect performance?
  4. That is, someone can not swing at all, and the abs will be embossed?
  5. Why are some cubes so far apart?
  6. Is it possible to somehow fix an asymmetric abs? Maybe there are special exercises?
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3 best exercises for the lower abs

They can be made with and without equipment.

упражнения для нижнего пресса: Нижний пресс

What is the lower part of abs
This is the lower part of the rectus abdominis muscle. Since both the upper and lower abs are the same muscle, it is impossible to train the lower abs in isolation. In any abdominal exercise, the entire rectus abdominis muscle works, but some movements load the upper part more and others lower.

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