Lentil sweets

Number of Servings: 18Ingredients:Green lentils – 150 gDates with seeds – 200 gNuts mix – 180 g (120 g – in candies, 80 g – for sprinkling candies)Cocoa powder – 5 tbsp. (3 tbsp. – in sweets, 2 tbsp. – for sprinkling sweets)Alcohol-Free Vanilla Essence – 1 tsp.

10 soups of Cypriot cuisine

Hot soup is an indispensable dish that allows not only to get enough, but also to warm up, and such a desire often arises in the winter, even in Cyprus. It is not surprising that among the traditional Cypriot recipes you can find several unusual and tasty soups, each of which has its own characteristics. …

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Why do we need to eat legumes every day?

The legume or moth family includes dicotyledons. It is the third-largest among all plants and is distinguished by the diversity of its species. Thus, some legumes are considered to be very important food products (lentils, beans, peanuts, peas), and some – important feed crops (alfalfa, rank, serradella, vetch, etc.). In addition, a considerable part of …

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Lentil Cutlets – 6 Simple Recipes

Lentil cutlets are an ideal dish for those who are fasting or diet. Recipes of lentil chops were popular in the 90s, when there was a shortage of products, including meat, on the shelves. Bean dishes are tasty and healthy. Lentils are rich in proteins and are a substitute for animal proteins. Lentil cutlets with …

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Lentils: beneficial and harmful properties

Lentil is a high-protein product of the legume family. It grows in pods and there are several varieties of it: red, brown, black, and green. Essentially, varieties do not differ in their useful properties. Lentils are cooked quickly and easily. And low cost makes it an affordable form of high-quality protein for many people.