Lentil tortillas in a pan

Weight – 356 g Nutritional value (per 100 g):Caloric content – 205 kcalProteins – 13.8 gFat – 1.4 gCarbohydrates – 35.7 g

10 soups of Cypriot cuisine

Hot soup is an indispensable dish that allows not only to get enough, but also to warm up, and such a desire often arises in the winter, even in Cyprus. It is not surprising that among the traditional Cypriot recipes you can find several unusual and tasty soups, each of which has its own characteristics. …

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10 foods for perfect digestion.

For food to digest quality, it is necessary to chew it thoroughly. This skill is formed in us from early childhood, but in the pursuit of saving time, we have learned to chew slowly. Sitting at the table, we are surely holding a book or a gadget in our hands, watching TV or watching the …

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