14 natural ways to improve memory

Small changes in diet and daily routine will help to better remember, think faster and reduce the risk of dementia.

How indoor plants can improve our lives?

Plants have an effect on the human body, toning and improving mood or, conversely, helping to fall asleep. Many of us keep potted flowers or other indoor plants at home.  However, not everyone is fully aware of the benefits that indoor plants bring, how they affect the emotional state of a person and our life …

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If you want to change the world, start with yourself.

If you want all those around you to become better and the world around you to become kinder, you need to become better and become kinder yourself, because any person and the surrounding reality can initially remake themselves inside a person.  It depends on the person how he wants to see the world around him, …

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How to develop memory?

Let’s talk about our brain. The brain is a complex and interconnected system, the largest and functionally important part of the central nervous system. Its functions include the processing of sensory information coming from the senses, planning, decision-making, coordination, motion control, positive and negative emotions, attention, memory. The highest function performed by the brain is …

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