home made

Apple pastille with black currant

We need: 500 g applesauce150 g sugar1 egg white3-4 tbsp black currant puree

Homemade pastille according to old recipes

(Russian translation will be available nest post) Thick apple pastille Pastille, which, like marmalade, is made from apples, is dense and loose. Dense pastille was originally made in the form of a paste, from which it got its name. As a rule, apples and other fruits plucked by the wind and therefore unripe were used …

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Ice Pops

Ингредиенты:Любые замороженные ягоды (у меня была черника, клубника, ежевика)Молоко (я обычно предпочитаю использовать йогурт, более сливочный, но у меня было молоко)Стевия или кленовый сироп