Yeast-free bread with garlic, cheese, and herbs

If desired, cheese can be omitted, then the calorie content of the bread will be even less. Nutritional value (per 100 g):Caloric content – 177 kcalProteins – 7.3 gFat – 6.5 gCarbohydrates – 21.3 g

The healing properties of chamomile

Chamomile historyChamomile or chamomile officinalis (Matricaria Chamomilla) is one of the most common plants in extratropical zones. It can be found in Eurasia, the Americas, and even in Africa, both cultivated and wild. Where exactly is the real homeland of this flower, scientists have not yet figured out. The ancient Greeks were the first to …

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Medicinal properties and contraindications of mint

A calming and relaxing herb is native to Asian and Mediterranean countries. Peppermint was first introduced by the British. A fragrant medicinal plant with a simple stem and rich green leaves has a beneficial effect on the human body, both fresh and dried. The grass is easy to care for, so it is not difficult …

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The benefits and harms of dill for human health

Garden dill, well known to people for more than one thousand years, is used in the cuisines of various countries and regions. The plant in the form of extracts, decoctions, and fragrances is used in cosmetology, but dill greens are in no less demand in medicine. The inhabitants of Hellas and Ancient Rome also used …

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1) Mandarin tea –With sore throat tea from citrus, flour is excellent. Dry the peel of tangerines and oranges. Grind them in a coffee grinder just before use.Then take one teaspoon of the resulting powder and fill it with 100 g of boiling water. Let it brew for five minutes and take one or two …


Secrets of quickly strengthening immunity in adults and children

Immunity stands to protect our body from the harmful effects of the environment, preventing the penetration of viruses, bacteria, parasites, and more. A weak immune system is not able to protect us from seasonal diseases and chronic relapse.

Fennel to normalize digestion

In appearance it is dill, so its second name is pharmacy dill. The smell of fennel resembles the smell of anise, only a little sweeter. Fennel fruits are used for medicinal purposes. Also on their basis is prepared essential oil. In cooking, you can use plant seeds as a seasoning, leaves to decorate and flavor …

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