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Rosehip: benefits and harms

Rosehip is a perennial shrub of the rose family. Today, there are up to five hundred species of rose hips. From early spring, the bushes are covered with flowers, which turn into ripe berries by the beginning of September. The medicinal properties of wild rose flowers are widely known, and their fruits are widely used …

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How often should you change your menstrual cup? Can I sleep and swim with it?

The reusable menstrual cups are made from safe medical-grade silicone. They do not absorb secretions, like other intimate hygiene products, and do not provoke the growth of pathogens. Due to their large capacity, they can be used for 8-12 hours, regardless of the abundance of menstruation. Therefore, using the menstrual cup at night, you can …

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The benefits and harms of menstrual cups

In recent years, menstrual cups have become very popular. In favor of their choice, you can cite such advantages as hygiene, safety, and lack of smell on critical days. Also, reusable caps are much more convenient than tampons or pads that need to be replenished monthly. Let’s take a closer look at what benefits they …

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Salad with seaweed and canned corn

100 grams of seaweed contains only 24 kcal. There are many micro and macro elements in algae, as well as an impressive list of vitamins that are useful for people of any age. The use of seaweed replenishes the lack of iodine in the body, stabilizing the activity of the thyroid gland, preventing hair loss, …

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How to get rid of itchy legs while running?

Have you decided to go in for sports on a regular basis, but every time you run in the morning, you start to experience uncontrollable itching in your legs? This is a common problem called runner’s itch because it affects many people who run. It is required to establish the cause in order to resolve …

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Evening jogging good or bad.

Evening jogging is a great hobby for women and men. It is known that running is the most natural way to exercise your body. For humans, this is the same natural property as walking or swimming. Running in the evenings will not force you to constantly choose the time, spend money on expensive sports equipment, …

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Sauna: Health benefits and precautions

“Sauna”, translated from Finnish, means “bath”. This word was borrowed and passed into many other languages. Some researchers believe that the sauna was invented during the Byzantine Empire, or borrowed by the Scythians from the Slavs, who were associated with the Finns. One way or another, the sauna is an original Finnish tradition.

Self-prepared hair masks

Self-preparation of a mask for the health of curls has a number of advantages: Low cost. An effective remedy can be made with the ingredients at hand. If necessary, you will need to buy something, but it will be much cheaper than purchasing a professional mask. Environmental friendliness. There is complete confidence that there are …

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Why you can’t lose weight quickly?

So you want to lose weight very quickly and be beautiful, seductive, but the girls do not even realize that losing weight quickly is harmful to the whole body. And all because fast diets limit a person in nutrients and vitamins, a fast diet can destroy the lives of every person. Therefore, you should not …

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