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Carrot hummus

Servings: 6Ingredients:Chickpea – 400 gCarrots – 4 pc.Olive oil – 6 tbsp.Water – 8 tbsp.Lemon juice – 2 tbsp.Garlic – 1 CloveSalt – To taste

Tangerine and Pecan Salad

An unusual appetizer salad is perfect for a hot summer evening. It will saturate with vitamins and satisfy hunger. If desired, you can add any sour dried fruits – cranberries, apricots. Ingredients: Carrots – 1 piecePecans – 100 gMandarins – 3 piecesGreens (arugula, basil, spinach, etc.) – a small bunchLemon juice and salt to taste

Barley porridge: benefits and harms

The history of barley porridgeBarley porridge is prepared from peeled whole barley grains. If the grains are crushed, such porridge is called barley. Pearl barley is not capricious and grows in many climatic zones. Thanks to this, it was so popular in Russia. For the first time, barley porridge was mentioned in ancient Egypt. Also, …

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