Migraine in adults

What is a migraine?Migraine is more than just a headache, it is a chronic hereditary disorder that regularly causes bouts of an excruciating, throbbing headache. Migraine differs from ordinary headache in that, as a rule, the head hurts only on one side, the pain lasts from 4 to 72 hours (if you do not take …

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Apathy in adults

Apathy, if you translate the term literally, is a lack of feelings, interest, or any reaction to specific situations or life in general. Many people have brief periods of apathy at some point in their lives, a condition described as being indifferent to what is happening or not wanting to do anything. But in a …

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Carbon monoxide poisoning

Signs of carbon monoxide poisoningCarbon monoxide (CO) is released during incomplete combustion of fuel, as well as any other organic matter. This gas is produced by combustion in an oxygen-deficient environment. In the open air, carbon monoxide dissipates quickly, while in closed rooms with a lack of oxygen, it can accumulate in large quantities. The …

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What is aerophobia?Aerophobia is a panicky, irrational fear of flying in aircraft, most often airplanes. At the mere thought that you need to fly, to rise to a certain height, there is severe anxiety, panic, aggressiveness, or nervousness. And often even a few days before the planned flights. The closer the event, the worse the …

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The benefits of hemp tea

Now hemp is associated with something not entirely legal, but our ancestors could well be considered honorary cannabis growers: they stopped cultivating this plant en masse only in the 1960s. All over the world, it is considered useful; oil, cosmetics, and medicines are prepared from it. Dry hemp leaves contain a record amount of substances …

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Fear of people

If people passing by cause attacks of panic or intense fear, this is a serious phobic disorder. This fear leads to isolation from society. And here the help of a specialist is important. What is the name of the fear of people?The fear of people has its scientific name – anthropophobia. This is a serious …

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Intracranial pressure in adults

What is intracranial pressure?The brain is surrounded by fluid – cerebrospinal fluid, which nourishes and protects nerve cells. Cerebrospinal fluid is continuously formed and flows away from the skull, due to which its constant pressure is maintained. This is intracranial pressure – a certain force that presses on the brain and the walls of the …

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What foods have the most vitamin C

What is vitamin C for?Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is an organic compound that is one of the main substances in our diet. This micronutrient plays a huge role in the functioning of the entire body. Its main functions are:


Spiders are not the most pleasant living creatures on the planet, some can be poisonous, but they should not cause panic horror. If the thought of a spider makes you shiver, it’s a phobia. What is arachnophobia?Arachnophobia is anxiety that occurs when you see any spiders. In many ways, it is based on the general …

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Electric shock

It’s hard to imagine life without electricity in 2020. In today’s modern society, it provides everything in our life. We rely on it every day in the workplace when traveling and of course at home. Although most interactions with electricity occur without incident, electric shock can occur in any environment, including industrial and construction sites, …

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