How to get rid of itchy legs while running?

Have you decided to go in for sports on a regular basis, but every time you run in the morning, you start to experience uncontrollable itching in your legs? This is a common problem called runner’s itch because it affects many people who run. It is required to establish the cause in order to resolve …

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Evening jogging good or bad.

Evening jogging is a great hobby for women and men. It is known that running is the most natural way to exercise your body. For humans, this is the same natural property as walking or swimming. Running in the evenings will not force you to constantly choose the time, spend money on expensive sports equipment, …

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Carrots: benefits and harms to the body

Carrots are an amazing product that has a huge number of beneficial properties. Moreover, not only a delicious vegetable suitable for various dishes but also a useful plant that helps to cope with various ailments. The benefits of carrots are not only about improving vision – they are much more extensive than you might imagine. …

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The healing properties of chamomile

Chamomile historyChamomile or chamomile officinalis (Matricaria Chamomilla) is one of the most common plants in extratropical zones. It can be found in Eurasia, the Americas, and even in Africa, both cultivated and wild. Where exactly is the real homeland of this flower, scientists have not yet figured out. The ancient Greeks were the first to …

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Reasons to love cherries

Calories, vitamins, and minerals The low-calorie level in cherries, only 50 kcal per 100 grams, gives mono-diets a reason to use it as seasonal food, but such an extreme is akin to food extremism. However, in the cherry season, no matter how long it lasts, organizing yourself a couple of fasting days a week is …

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Melon – benefit and harm

Fragrant melon is a delicacy that is appreciated by both adults and children. But in addition to its excellent taste, the fruit has many health benefits. Melon is a vegetable. It is the edible fruit of a herbaceous plant, which is characteristic of vegetables. It has a root system similar to that of a cucumber, …

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Sauna: Health benefits and precautions

“Sauna”, translated from Finnish, means “bath”. This word was borrowed and passed into many other languages. Some researchers believe that the sauna was invented during the Byzantine Empire, or borrowed by the Scythians from the Slavs, who were associated with the Finns. One way or another, the sauna is an original Finnish tradition.

Medicinal properties and contraindications of mint

A calming and relaxing herb is native to Asian and Mediterranean countries. Peppermint was first introduced by the British. A fragrant medicinal plant with a simple stem and rich green leaves has a beneficial effect on the human body, both fresh and dried. The grass is easy to care for, so it is not difficult …

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Dry brush massage

Dry massage is a body massage using a special brush – without oil or cream: brushing the brush over your skin in a specific direction. Dry massage history Russians, Japanese, Turks, and Scandinavians have used dry massage for centuries. 30 years ago, the Finnish doctor Paavo Airola revived a long tradition of treating his patients. …

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Chocolate candy: benefits and harm

The benefits of chocolate Substances contained in dark chocolate reduce blood cholesterol, improve the functioning of our heart, protect the skin from premature aging, from the appearance of wrinkles, and prevent dementia in old age. Substances – phenamine, serotonin, phenethylamine, and others create a feeling of falling in love, increase sexuality, improve mood and a …

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