Calorie content per 100 gramsCalories: 434.52 kcalProteins: 8.8 gFat: 20.03 gCarbohydrates: 56.52 gServings: 10Ingredients:

Homemade granola: 3 recipes

Granola is one of those products that can help out when there is not enough time for breakfast. At the same time, it is easy to prepare it at home, experimenting with ingredients: from green buckwheat or quinoa, with nuts or with dark chocolate? Add plain or peanut milk or favorite yogurt – and breakfast …

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5 energy bar recipes

Energy bars – a convenient, ready-to-eat source of carbohydrates. Yes, regular food can be tastier and healthier, but the main plus of the bars is convenience: compact, light, packed. The bar can be eaten at full speed on a bicycle, and on the run, and immediately after the finish.

Healthy snacks – recipes.

Why are snacks so important to our health? The usual diet, including 2-3 dense meals per day, is not physiological. Our distant ancestor-gatherers could rarely get much food at a time. For hundreds of thousands of years, the body has adapted itself to frequent but small calorie intakes — the root is here, a handful …

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